SQL Server mobile reporting software RBS Report

In the world of Industry 4.0, any data collected from industry is now required to transfer data to integrated structures rather than being stored in local systems. These systems are combined to IT terms such as AWS, Azure, Mongo DB, restfull api, json. Thus, with your data, business intelligence software is easy to follow up […]

Wind Turbine Big Data und Überwachungssoftware

Wind Turbine big data und Überwachungssoftware In Windkraftanlagen ist die big data- und Monitoring-Software von Windkraftanlagen wichtig. Da Datenerfassungs- und -auswertungssysteme wichtig sind, um die Rendite der getätigten Investitionen zu analysieren und die zu ergreifenden Investitionen zu steuern. Zu diesem Zweck hat unser Unternehmen ein Datenerfassungs- und Überwachungssystem für Windkraftanlagen eingerichtet. Wir richten die MS […]

Wind Turbine Big Data and Monitoring Software

Wind Turbine Big Data and Monitoring Software In wind power plants, wind turbine big data and monitoring software is important. Because data collection and evaluation systems are important for analyzing the returns of the investments made and for guiding the investments to be made. For this purpose, our company has established a data collection and […]

Shah Deniz 2 Natural Gas Data Collection and Trend Software

SHAH DENİZ 2 Data Collection System for Testing Well The well testing software system developed by our company for Schlumberger and Emerson. The BP company are testing well at Shah Deniz 2 Project in Azerbaijan with this software. Thus, the well analysis is derived from the RBS Report software and reporting system for deeper penetration into […]

Ak-Tops Textile Data Collection in the Factory

  Factory Data Collection System for AKTOPS Productivity and industrial reporting in factories are great importance, along with the progressive technology. Robosoft measures the efficiency of operator, energy, operation, fault analysis of about 60 machines with factory data collection system in Aktops project. Thus, it is for increasing the production capacity and provide more efficient […]

Wind Energy Analytic Systems

  Wind Turbine Monitoring Software In today’s renewable energy plants, it has become necessary to centralize data. This requirement has become even more important in order to optimally utilize the competitive market, increasing demand and resources. The analytical and wind turbine monitoring software developed with this data collection is becoming a necessity for companies. Companies […]

Scada Reporting Software

SCADA Reporting Software RBS Report RBSReport V.2.1 is kind of SCADA reporting software, offered by our company, that can collect data on SQL Servers from all PLC, DCS and remote IOs in the industrial area. You can query reports and integrate them into report templates to create any report application you want. RBS Report and […]

OPC Data Logger Software RBS Report

Tailored made SCADA Systems OPC data logger software is getting data from OPC servers and log into different database system. So you can use these datas for ERP system, reporting, machine learning or tailored made SCADA software. SCADA is the name given to monitoring software. When you look at the SCADA, you may encounter very […]