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Wind Turbine Monitoring Software
Wind Energy Analytic and Monitoring Software

Wind Turbine Monitoring Software

In today’s renewable energy plants, it has become necessary to centralize data. This requirement has become even more important in order to optimally utilize the competitive market, increasing demand and resources. The analytical and wind turbine monitoring software developed with this data collection is becoming a necessity for companies. Companies that do not use such software systems will not be able to answer questions on how to direct their investments, calculate their efficiency, and which brand turbine or investment they will continue with in the future. Companies that cannot respond to these questions will face the risk of sinking because it will not be possible to compete.

With RBS Report, everything is easy

With the RBS Report, a software which our company has developed, many factories have increased their productivity from 5% to 21%. This data might look like simple data. In fact, the contribution to the firm is about 100 million dollars. After a $923 million turnover from our customer base, a productivity increase of 5% is equivalent to $46 million. In other words, this is the equivalent of a 5% increase in orders, training of machines and 5% on operators’ working force. This example can also be applied to Wind Turbines. Take hold on your assets and the turbines you’ve invested so much in.

Do you really value the efficiency of the turbines that sell tag values? Are you earning according to years in these field conditions? How much can you produce next year? How long has the turbine been working? Why is it stopping unexpectedly? If you set up a system that responds efficiently to such questions, this system will generate returns more than the asking fee. It will make money. It is important that you evaluate this data with an expert team and do the necessary analytic work.

We install online wind turbine monitoring software systems with RBS Report and RBS Energy Pro software which is our area of expertise. In addition, with Splunk and Power BI, you have the opportunity to analyze your turbines’ data. Thus, reports, analyzes, dashboards, artificial intelligence algorithms can be managed in the cloud under a single pool. The biggest advantage of this system is that it operates in a single centre and open source, integrated with multiple software systems. With this data, different companies and departments can develop various applications and the entire infrastructure of Industry 4.0 is established.

For more detail wind park management software.

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